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    Quick Info 1 (Vent)

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    Quick Info 1 (Vent) Empty Quick Info 1 (Vent)

    Post  Kingpop91770 on Sat Jan 10, 2009 12:30 am

    How to Use Ventrilo

    - Install Ventrilo

    + Windows i386 - 32bit (or Mac if you have one)

    + Current Version: 3.0.2

    - Once you get Ventrilo installed, open it up.

    - Create a User Name by clicking [->]

    + Click [New] and type in your in game name

    + Click [OK] and [OK]

    - Now create a new server by clicking [->] directly underneath the first one

    + Click [New] and name it whatever you want (I have it as Soldier Front -TeamMa)
    and now click [OK]

    + Hostname or IP :

    + Port number : 50459

    + Password : (We'll personally add you onto user editor)

    + Click [OK]


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