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    Quick Info 3 (Site/Forum)

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    Quick Info 3 (Site/Forum) Empty Quick Info 3 (Site/Forum)

    Post  Kingpop91770 on Sat Jan 10, 2009 12:31 am

    Our site is! Join the team and discuss tatics there! Register now to post! Updates=

    -Ventrilo info posted!
    -Requirements posted!
    -Admin Scrimzone forum added!
    -New forum added "News"!
    -New forum skin!
    -New TeamMa Logo!
    -Site ranking system changed!
    (*Ma]GenBaker has been promoted to Super Moderate!)
    (Zack has been demoted from member to cock sucker!)

    P.S: Keeping this site up alone isn't all that easy as one of our dedicated member of TeamMa is paying for the credits to keep this site up-to-date tech!
    Monthly billing charged: 20.50$ USD

    Please feel free to donate!

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