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    Post  *Ma]GenRinsed on Wed Jan 21, 2009 3:01 am

    Ok, I've noticed in most scrims i've played in our team would argrue against the other. Listen i'm always on your side on this but we should really change this. We do better when were not raging at the other team. So i think we have more restrictions on we say. So here are my thoughts.
    - No more insults, that goes for everyone. During the game don't say OWNED, RINSED, BAKED, or any of that shit. You can say it in team chat, clan chat, or on vent but don't say it public.

    -Saying alot more compliments would be nice; gg, ns, n1, nt.

    -Don't complain about high pingers or lag shots. nuking, tanking, or any of that shit.

    Represent the clan in a mature manner. People scrim to get better, not to have a flame war with the other team. I know people will piss you off but ignore that fact.

    (Note: This does not include pubs or chan.13 scrims I don't know what nc or dim would like for those)

    Anything I should add tell me Smile

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